What lifestyle are we protecting?

Every day we learn more about the spying of US three-letter agencies on ordinary citizen worldwide. Through the tight collaboration with their respective foreign equivalences we can easily acknowledge that the used method and actions are killing what these organizations are pretending to protect. Breaking down the policies it comes to imbecilities like “Excuse me, but we have to take away your freedom to secure your freedom” or “We need to avoid too much free speech to make your right for free speech possible”. You need to be mentally deficient to believe that.

I’m not looking forward living in a system that’s somewhat in between authoritarian and fascistic and tells me what to think, what to believe and when to speak. Enforcing censorship, gagging orders and harassment of whistleblowers and journalists uncovering the failures and the corruption of governments are inevitable leading to an environment that can’t be called democratic anymore.

Do we want to ride roughshod over the rule of law? Let’s start to take back our countries from these out of control spy agencies and their outsourced private profit centers. Rigorous oversight, strict orders, impeachments and defunding will do the trick. Maybe rethink your position and the extent of annoyance you’re facing before wiping.

27.08.2013, JD


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