It is OK to publish your (crypto) work

onetimepadEntering the 2nd edition of Crypto Wars I’ld like to remind you that If you’re working on cryptographic algorithms, implementations etc. and want to publish it – there’s no way to censor you. Except you’re working for a spy agency and you signed secrecy clauses. Which will be most likely the case in this environment.

This general statement above is only partly true. What matters are the statutes in your own country, and how they are interpreted. You will find a good starting point at Bert-Jaap Koops’ “Crypto Law Survey“.

Overall and worldwide the tendency of Governments is to push you to a point where you assume that you have not the right to do crypto stuff without their permission.
That’s definitely not true! So don’t give up to early when they show up to talk to you about the ‘implications’ of your work. Living in Europe (so not under the monstrous US spy regime) I had the experience once and laughed at them until they left. 🙂

Regarding a (still) ongoing discussion about the Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies:
It’s an agreement between Governments and not a treaty. They would never get the backing of the lawmakers in all of the countries for this. Anyhow it’s interesting that there’s a secretariat situated in Vienna. Details can be found here.

updated 10.10.2013, JD


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