CodeBreaker – Alan Turing’s life and legacy


There’s an ongoing exhibition (developed by the Science Museum) to celebrate the centenary of the birth of this pioneering British figure.

Have been there a while ago – here are some photos:

IMGA0730 IMGA0731 IMGA0732 IMGA0733 IMGA0734 IMGA0735 IMGA0736 IMGA0737 IMGA0738 IMGA0739 IMGA0741 IMGA0742 IMGA0743 IMGA0744 IMGA0745 IMGA0746 IMGA0747 IMGA0748 IMGA0749 IMGA0750 IMGA0751 IMGA0753 IMGA0754 IMGA0755 IMGA0756 IMGA0757 IMGA0758 IMGA0759 IMGA0760 IMGA0762 IMGA0763 IMGA0764 IMGA0766


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