September 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Even if with a small delay, it is time for the Cyber Attacks Statistics derived from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of September (Part I and Part II).

As usual let us begin with the Daily Trend of Attacks chart. The chart shows a clear peak on September, 27th, due to a wave of attacks of the Anonymous against the Cambodian Government. In general, the number of attacks reported on the news had an increase in the second part of the month.

September 2013 Daily Trend

No surprisingly, US lead the Country Distribution chart. Also, it is worth to mention the second place of Cambodia, as a direct consequence of the wave of attacks carried on by the Anonymous collective. India is in the middle of a Cyber War against Pakistan and this explains his bronze medal just ahead of UK.

September 2013 Country Distribution

The Motivations Behind Attacks chart shows an unexpected overtake of Hacktivism on…

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