Blackflag Operations

blackflag operations, by brian carroll electromagnetize at
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// proposed relevant to cypherpunks considerations…

at a certain point in my independent research it was
realized that the US flag itself represented the existing
problem encountered with ideology and rule-following
that automatically functions against core principles,
such that ‘the stars’ were of false constellations and
‘the stripes’ were more those of prison bars, to hold
the population captive inside a hierarchical top-down
structure, which i equate with a conceptualization in
Networks of Power, of system, order, and control [1]
as it determines economic, social, political dynamics.

thus the US flag, its symbolism, is part of the problem
in terms of its rigid adherence, especially in a realm of
patriotism and xenophobia, such that it appears to deign
reasonable the US as world empire without questioning
its own failures or correcting for them, only extending it
further outward, which then serves policies the hidden
US dictatorship perfectly, as long as silence is upheld
and no communication is possible about these issues.

(that is, in terms of reasoning of empirical truth as this
would be observed by the law as the basis for power,
versus making the constitution a relativistic document
interpreted via power determining what the signs mean)

in this way, so too the powerplant and grid of development
that underlines present-day civilization, a centralized and
hidden realm of top-down power and control governed by
private interests said to function on behalf of the public,
yet with little evidence of this within ruins of the planet.

in other words: power delivery is related to governance.
and how power flows in one-direction and ‘represents’
certain goals and ideals that do not map into the local
issues or shared values beyond a certain framework or
mindset that makes monetary profit is greatest truth.

and yet truth does not work this way. which is to say,
it is not invalidated by ignoring or censoring it out of
existence within these domains, it still exists though
is isolated, disconnected, and thus loses its power
via a false-worldview that takes its place via lies and
deception, a shared illusion that is ungrounded yet
sustained in a bubble, antihuman in word and deed.

in terms of consciousness, much of this is known
and experienced day to day, life to life, yet remains
uncommunicable due to the loss of language, the
absence of connection in realistic terms, about this
inhuman condition, the center of civilization becoming
that of nothingness, of lost souls at the core of it, this
essential vacancy of meaning, devaluing of knowledge
beyond what interests and benefits those in authority,
and thus a seemingly irrational situation exists and is
mediated, one by one, that does not add up nor does
it make any sense, part to whole, because all is left
is fragmented and misaligned, dumbed down, warped
and skewed such that a hall of fun-house mirrors is
the limit to daily reflection in status quo relations, as
nothing more can be said than some finite limit where
the basic situation cannot even be acknowledged, so
hostile is the background and near-field effects, that
any error or wrong thought could jeopardize survival
and force a person into exile or worse, via all-seeing
accountants for conformity, verifying and making sure
the brain washing is effective, all remain followers of
the ideological framework, staying within its confines

and so knowing is disconnected for saying or even
thinking, people detached from themselves and others
and then to awake and find oneself situated in this way;
essentially without being, without access to their own
true nature or capacity or abilities, instead neutered
by what is now convention, via subversion, deception

electromagnetism as the context for the US flag then
recontextualizes some questions of vexillology [2], in
that evaluating the symbolic structure of the flag in its
relation to electrical infrastructure as a system of power
that extends beyond electricity into issues of politics of
the state, including waging of war for natural resources,
and likewise systems based on this ordering, visualized
in urban and rural artifacts of transmission pylons and
distribution poles, then provides further context for the
issues of control – including ‘surveillance’ in this same
top-down structure, which serves the hierarchy firstly,
to retain its existing historical organization, however
hollowed out and corrupted, used as a false-flag op

in thinking through issues of endless war in the
Middle East and the nonsensical War of Error as it
relates to failure of ideas to govern state actions and
instead submission to faith in leadership and hidden
policies and political agendas, antihuman in ideology
and nature, due to their inaccuracy, loss of capacity
in thinking and language that then functions against
citizens and life, instead of on behalf of these — this
situation then becoming ‘source code’ and program
based on flawed and wrong-minded processing of
actions, using, relying upon, exploiting loopholes
in the US constitution as basis for what is possible,
this becoming morality and ethics and its own truth,
the danger of action being untethered from grounded
reasoning and instead FAITH-BASED in ideology of
rightness, with no remaining checks and balances
after the orchestrated power grab, post-coup (41)
in which the state is opposed to truth that does not
serve and submit to this hidden agenda as highest

what have you then, as a citizen in this situation,
do you benefit or are your days numbered as you
wait, channeled into the correct chutes for awaiting
cattle cars, death panels and Obamacare first steps

enough is enough, sanity must regain its place, and
reason based in grounded truth must be secured for
anything other than this automatic decline to continue
into a realm of pure hate and unrestrained evil, driven
by the state in its godless construction and operation

in this way, US Blackflag operations were called for
to regain control over the state and its actions via
an emergency measure built into the constitution that
allows a constitutional convention to be called if or when
the state goes off course due to legal guidelines once written
yet which function against the very principles they stand for

and thus, to raise the Blackflag as the symbol and sign of
this human citizen, to reclaim control over the shared state
and its governance, and remove the existing US flag from its
role as oppressor of its own and other populations, in that
the truth of the US Constitution has become decoupled from
its accounting in logic, beyond that of shared opinion within
language (sign=sign based pattern matching), such that the
views ‘believed’ are ideological, based and reliant upon ever
shifting relativism that maps to motives of power & authority
over this process of interpretation, as institutionalized, this
the very structure of society, politics, economics, yet within
a bubble view that cannot be falsified, contested, debated
even (see: closed, onesided mass media), and this as the
authority, the ‘mind’ at the top of the machinery, that sees
and observes everything in this warped, unreal self-serving
viewpoint, that what is good for it is the best for everybody,
any number of rationalizations reinforcing this viewpoint,
and yet no error correction anywhere allowed, especially
in a legal context, because truth itself has been outlawed

thus the ability to critique or correct the malfunctioning of
the state is an impossibility, given the loss of reasoning
that no longer relies upon empirical truth for verification
and validation of processes, and instead ‘shared belief’
and a ‘superior knowing’ takes this place, without anchor
to truth outside a binary simplism, yet beyond correction
for its errors, because they can be ignored, denied, and
the other side destroyed, as is necessitated ideologically;
one side must lose for the other side to win, these “rules”

blackflag would counter this coup and takeover of the state
by a hostile invading population by regaining legal control
over its decision-making and accounting for events in terms
of accountable truth, not allowing secrecy and privilege to
stand-in for assurances of ‘good intentions’ underneath it all,
at the same time those opposed to institutionalized criminality
are being weeded out of civilization one by one, via surveillance
and attacks against basic existence and subsistence, those
of the traitorous state having been empowered by the takeover
to go the next step, the purging of dissenters and dissidents,
of any who threaten their agenda, privatizing the public realm
and denying services to those not of their shared demographic

in this way, so too, US taxes serving this group primarily as
others go without or are attacked by these same services,
health care becoming administering of disease and death,
social services to increase helplessness and incapacitation,
maximizing profits while engineering conditions impossible
to survive, thus crushing the life out of those at the bottom
and making each year more difficult than the last, death as
if a gift, it cannot arrive early enough, genocide as if mercy

my first attempt at conveying these ideas was to recolor the
US flag as all black while retaining its stars and stripes as
the structure[3]. the problem with this was that it revealed
the ideological formatting of the state, in its rigid lines and
ordering that are the manifestation of this corruption of the
historic compact between individuals & larger organization,
and how governance at the top requires imprisoning those
below, as part of the warped structural dynamics relied upon
and thus injustice built-into the system, its foundation, this
notably in ‘mankind’ as the shared identity, this privatized
viewpoint scaled to the public allowing any individual to act
in pure selfishness without regard or responsibility to others-
this enshrined in law, outdated as viewpoint, ‘the public’ does
not exist in this state beyond an 18 century notion, and this
is exactly how this corruption is allowed operate today, by
not acknowledging this condition and correcting it in law-
which requires logic, 3-value and N-value logic, to prove
the binarist viewpoint wrong though also immoral, illegal,
unethical, and yet this very ‘reasoning’ is forbidden today.

i began to sew, having a black nylon technical fabric,
the goal being to generate a more accurate structure for
the flag that would reflect or in some way represent the
actual dynamics of truth within society, these ideals and
principles of the US constitution in a shared human context,
where both men and women are equal as citizens, and that
people operate in different conditions yet function together
as part of a larger dynamic, an ecosystem that becomes
the state via a decentralized and distributed organization,
scaling from local to national if global contexts, conditions,
situations, aligned via shared dimensions, truth as value

the flag that resulted [4] has a slightly different symbology.
there are many stars, points of light, though some of these
become larger stars via their connected patterning (that is,
points connect or scale up into larger star structures, and
some may be separated at any moment & other combined)

the goal was to demonstrate that constellations of people
or ideas can form, amongst points of individuals, organize
into patterned structures that form a basis for shared order,
and while in the photograph of the flag it is not visible, there
are various regions or boundaries for these relations/events,
where some of these points and stars exist within the same
limits and others exist beyond or outside a given threshold.

(there were additional close-up photos though i do not have
most any of my work archived, though the language of the
zigzag stitching defined these various regional boundaries,
that then translates into near or far within larger ecosystem)

add to this then the linking or networking of these ‘stars’,
that for me are based on the butterfly paper clamp and also
on the star as a high-voltage transmission pylon or tower, in
this way, structural interconnections can be conceptualized
as -p-o-w-e-r-l-i-n-e-s- and also as the invisible lines that link
together constellations invisibility mapping out the night sky
as stars and structures relate, and capture or model meaning,
to include helping with navigation, awareness, and worldview

in this sense pattern recognition is structural, foundational,
and connections and relations between people in shared truth
is this larger empirical awareness, emerging from relativistic
scenarios, as truth is aligned amongst people and related to
and through, in changing dynamics, shared state as circuitry
and information processor, logical reasoning and organization,
this _ground-up leveling of awareness, ideas, intent, action,
virtue, truth, justice, development, higher purpose, ideals

in this way, so too, power delivery, locally to regionally and
how it scales based upon its shared relation with truth and
those who serve it, as this contrasts with the US flag and
its institutionalization where such dynamics are disallowed,
and people are silenced in these relations, truth vanquished,
something else taking hold, terrorizing citizens in its place

this call for the blackflag to rise and replace the corrupt
US government by legal means, regaining control of the
failed state via constitutional right, then is a challenge to
the reigning falsity that rules and politically ‘governs’, using
its power against citizens to secure its power indefinitely,
relying on illegal means and methods beyond accountability
due to secrecy and privacy that only applies to oppressors,
while such protections are removed for enemies and used
to exploit and force the downfall of those who live here

the language then may become shared, that yes, such
high insanity must be acknowledged and thus the charade
can be further extended to allow continuing control as these
subversive others continue to attempt to control the reins of
state action, at any cost. and thus mimicry could exist that
seeks to ‘represent’ this cause via a traditional mindset that
is corrupted by ideology and “believes” something other than
what is said, serves some unacknowledged agenda or view,
that is only camouflaged by the flag, and thus is assumed
to retain control, whatever the shifting dynamics by relying
on the same structures to persist, whatever the new color

in this way, the blackflag yet another false flag for these
traitors who would exist alongside those involved, grounded
within this structural awareness of truth, its transparent and
logical accounting beyond skewed binary onesidedness. a
realm of imposters, mimics, cheats and frauds thus would
continue and yet to juxtapose, compare and contrast these
dynamics, it should be clear that ‘the rationale’ is entirely
different for these two flags [5], they are not the same idea,
and do not sustain the same beliefs, principles, or ordering

they are actually set against one another in this very moment,
as changes begin to be wrought and pressures exist that still
constrain such actions, based upon resistance, power and
authority based on forbidding what is best for human citizenry

the ideological grid of the present is a cage, a prison camp
purpose-built for human holocaust whereby truth is denied
and eventually outlawed, nonexistence as the present day,
people trapped and existing inside an illusion, not living, only
trying to sustain themselves, keep breathing in the cemetery

in this condition, this separation into many, the individual parts
begin communicating, realize connections in grounded truth
that establish this empirical framework needed, and it involves
taking down the walls built by the state, its prison bar stripes
and false-stars and false-constellations based on emulation,
the state as hollywood movie production, leaders as actors
playing a role on the world stage, versus addressing issues
that exist and being held accountable for such ‘representation’
driven by taxation that grows this machinery while seeking to
extinguish citizens inside who do not obey or are the enemy
of those with power. that is what can be seen within various
signs and symbols, language, calculus, patterns & geometry

the difference between these flags is the difference between
ideas and ideology, shared truth versus shared falsity and lies,
freedom versus imprisonment, responsibility versus greed and
unfettered selfishness, duty in opposition to vanity and frivolity,
the network versus the grid, being vs. nothingness, humanity
versus antihumans, individuals vs. institutions, democracy of
human citizens versus corporate democracy, empirical reality
versus relativistic madness, and philosophy versus psychiatry

the existing US flag is the embodiment of politics that replace
the truth with its antithesis which becomes a basis for power,
the blackflag is all about governance, between people who
create and compose the larger state via empirical reasoning
that is based in truth, accounted for and error corrected by
logic, and held accountable and required to change, improve
its functioning, not given the right to ignore its obligations to
people, life, nature, and the larger order it is situated within

the delivery of power will one day arrive, deliverance from this
corrupted condition, within a organized coherent agenda that
regains control over this automated machinery serving wrong
principles and wrong ideas and wrong thinking and beliefs.

there are two orders, represented by these flags. one of
them is aligned with falsity and serves it for its own benefit.
the other serves truth, firstly and wholeheartedly. it is about
how the constitution of a person aligns with those around them
and how this scales and relates and is represented by the state.

the false have their flag. recoloring it is not going to change
anything structural, which is required for the oppression and
exploitation to continue. it can only and must be destroyed as
an institutionalized structure to regain control over the failed state,
as the US constitution outlines and allows. the nature of truth is
conceptualized in the other flag, its blackness has depth and
grounding in principles that reflect those of its people and those
who sacrifice and serve, for greater truth and higher principles
than the base and monetary as if the meaning of life eternal

in other words, no longer will the body govern over the mind,
no longer will the grid determine the network, nor ideology
the truth of ideas. and indeed there is a binary condition
that exists in this situation- between truth and pseudo-truth,
where actual truth grounds to 1 and pseudo-truth to falsity (0).
in this way there is only one value, it is truth. all or nothing.

the US state needs to be brought under constitutional control,
destroy the existing dictatorship, and draft a new constitution

i for one stand against the ongoing criminality of the state
and vote the military take control of its functioning to secure
its actions from those hostile to human citizens and our future

[1] Networks of Power – Thomas P. Hughes

[2] Vexillology

[3] black US flag

[4] blackflag

[5] dual black flags

Alexander Calder 1974 stabile Black Flag


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