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The UK’s BAE Systems have unveiled footage of the unmanned combat drone, Taranis, on its maiden flight. While it hails the drone – capable of self-selecting targets – as “inspiration for nation,” activists are urging to ban the use of its auto-kill mode.

Named “Taranis” after the Celtic god of thunder, a new British unmanned aerial combat vehicle was displayed in its full glory in a short test-flight filmed last year.

Taranis is a semi-autonomous drone designed to carry out intercontinental flights and lethal strikes against both aerial and ground targets. The project, which has so far cost 185 million pounds ($300 million), is jointly funded by the UK Ministry of Defense and companies like Rolls Royce and General Electric.

What has become a target of public debate in particular, ever since the drone’s prototype was unveiled in 2010, is its stated capability of “deep target attacks”

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