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December 24th, 2016 — Christmas open letter for the People.
Dear World,
We are gathering in this letter, as a community, as a collective formed by diverse human beings, to represent the voice for words of wisdom, justice, faith and hope in order to wish you a Merry Christmas. But before we start any formality of solidarity, we want you to understand something. Clearly, the world changed drastically. People are expressing themselves politically, culturally and religiously different from the last century. This time of year, we have the opportunity to think about many important issues, and how they affect our lives.
People from either side of the political spectrum don’t know how to build a productive conversation or a debate anymore. They are often accusing each other of being too extreme. Families were broken up at the thanksgiving table because of the current political climate. What people don’t understand is that the spectrum only deals with absolutes. You can’t be 100% on one or the other side, we all carry a bit of both. If we can all think in a non-partisan manner and act in the name of progress rather than political opinion it will already be a better world. Although, we have the chance to control our own fate and take responsibility for our own actions, but the moment when the people start to be the problem, we have a bigger problem.
It all comes down that the ‘bigger problem’ is that a vast majority of people are feeling powerless more each year. As an example, it was revealing to see the grotesque paramilitary-style effort to keep the World Trade Organization (WTO) completely sealed off from public access, symbolizing dramatically the extent to which governmental institutions have become separated from the people they are supposed to represent. This is one of the events coincided served as a vivid reminder that it is no longer enough to ‘think global and act local’. We need to both think and act at both levels simultaneously.
It’s not for us to turn around and plead for a miracle to help with the environment, the migrant crisis, mass corruption, intolerance, poor education, the empire of banks, human rights, fundamentalism and wars.
We have to act and take these changes into our own hands. A world of peace and solidarity can only be accomplished by acknowledging and celebrating our diversity. In many ways, the cause of global harmony remains precariously poised. Global economic activity and advances in communications both illustrate humanity’s growing inter-connectedness, yet barriers, mistrust and animosity persist between people and cultures.
Sadly today, we also see tragic circumstances unfolding in too many parts of the globe. The horrific impact of the terrorist attacks and acts of violent extremism against certain communities such as the Shiites, Christians, Jews and Muslims as well as others, who are perceived as different given their ethnic or religious background, can be counted, in many cases, as acts of ethnic cleansing.
But we are well aware that we are not the only ones struggling against the alliance between corrupt politicians, mass extremism in political views and greedy companies. Our anger toward this notorious alliance is everywhere. We do know that our world under the epoch of neo-liberalism is filled with despair. Yet, all around the world, people are raising their voices to show another world is possible. Hope is everywhere. And finally, we learn from our struggle that when anger and hope come together it flourishes into the beauty of resistance.
Whether we are concerned with suffering born of poverty, with denial of basic freedoms, with armed conflict, or with a reckless attitude to the natural environment everywhere, we should not view these events in isolation. Eventually their repercussions are felt by all of us. We, therefore, need effective international action to address these global issues from the perspective of the oneness of humanity, and from a profound understanding of the deeply interconnected nature of today’s world.
However, responsibility for working for peace lies not only with our world leaders, but also with each of us individually. Peace starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities and so on. We can work consciously to develop feelings of love and kindness. For some of us, the most effective way to do so is through religious practice. For others it may be non-religious practices. What is important is that we each make a sincere effort to take seriously our responsibility for each other and the world we live.
We want you to perceive the outline of a just and peaceful society, to the achievement of which all have a responsibility to contribute with every possible effort. Building this society requires a wholehearted commitment to eliminate not only evident discrimination but also all barriers that divide groups, tribes, communities, collectives, minorities. At last, we believe that these goals can be achieved on the basis of increased awareness. Let us widen our perspective to include the well being of the whole world and its future generations in our vision of prosperity and freedom.
This message goes to all the people, the ordinary people, the majority, the minority. Specially to those who fought this year for their civil liberties, to the American Natives and the #NoDAPL resistance, to the Tibetans, to the African people, to the infosec and whistle-blowers community, to notable academic researchers, to the independent media and journalists, to social movements that are increasing more each day.
To the Resistance. Merry Christmas.
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

This letter is a copy from here!
It’s written by @YourAnonNews

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