Working on security stuff since the early 1980s, regarding cryptography I wrote some pretty nice algorithms (some of them you’re using every day), some implementations (you will not know) and I volunteered in very cool projects like PGPi. This has been – is – and will be forever intentionally uncredited work. I’m free to code for free. 🙂

In case you visited conferences like DEFCON, HOPE or the HEU, HIP, HAL WTH, HAR series or some events from CCC you might have listen to a lecture or talked to me.

Spending my time with walking the impacts of new technologies and regulations and have special interests in Crypto, Privacy, Anonymity, Democracy, FreeSpeech and NetFreedom.

Greetings to John Gilmore and Lucky Green (pseudonym) – learned a lot from those great guys!
Loving memory: Hugh Daniel


  1. Kyle Spohn said:

    I have a nascent idea for a way to audit the media and help stem the tide of internet censorship. I would value any time you would be willing to give to discuss how to further realize this.


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